Guy is a Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist. His songs are intense and often personal. Guy's guitar style is a unique self-taught style and worth travelling a long way to see. Hear him and you'll want to hear him again. See him and you'll definitely watch him again.

Guy has a vast catalogue of songs and has recently laid down 42 tracks! The first CD Alone In Blue is now available and a further 2 CDs are planned.

What music can you expect to hear at one of Guy's gigs?

Guy may include anything from his own compositions and songs from the likes of Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Neil Young, Danny Whitten/Nils Lofgren, Tom Petty, Gene Clark, Buffy Sainte Marie, John Prine, Alison Krause, Boxcar Willy, T-Bone Walker, Janis Joplin, Nine Inch Nails, Chilli Peppers, Stones etc. For solo gigs, he does not use a set list but adjusts to the audience and ambience of the venue. I've seen him play 5 hrs over consecutive nights with only 2 songs repeated.

For theatre support gigs, Guy does a 25-50 minute set. Probably included will be 3 or 4 of his songs, a very original version of 'All Along The Watchtower,' a blues song 'Tougher Than Tough" and what Uli Jon Roth calls the definitive version of the traditional 'In My Time Of Dying'

Artists Guy has done support Gigs for.

Sir Bob Geldof, Jim Capaldi, Country Joe McDonald, The Legendary Geno Washington, Errol Brown, Midge Ure, Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri, Johnny Winter, Eliza Carthy, Dennis Locorriere(the voice of Dr Hook), The Blues Band, Eugene Hideaway Bridges, 3Men and Black(Pauline Black, Jake Burns, J.J. Burnell/Bruce Foxton, Nick Welsh, Roddy 'Radiation' Byers & Dave Wakeling), Selecter Acoustic (Pauline Black & Nick Welsh) Dave Sharp(the Alarm), Lonnie Donegan, Ed Tudor Pole, Charlene.

*****************ALONE IN BLUE REVIEW*****************

"It’s difficult to compare Guy Maile with James Blunt in a family newspaper, but suffice to say that Guy has a harder edge. You see, Maile is a million miles away from Blunts insipid whining; Maile exudes life and authenticity-just listen to the raging rocking opener (In My Time of Dying) on this CD. Sure he is a bitter, cynical old sod, but this record shines precisely because he is that bitter, cynical old sod.

The space he inhabits is a uniquely British down trodden psyche, filtered through an American blues sensibility. A weird hybrid, but one that does work well.

From that roaring voice to the intricate guitar, its hard to fault the guy, but Maile wouldn’t accept the praise anyway. Shine on you old .........”  Western Telegraph - May 06

***************** A.M.P. AWARDS 2004 *****************

Website AMP have named Guy Maile as top Unsigned artist 2004. Alone in Blue is at 9 in their Top 10 Albums of 2004. Franz Ferdinand is no 10! See News page for details. "Why Guy Maile is not one of the biggest artists in the world is beyond us at AMP. Guy has one of the best voices we have ever heard and a guitar style that it is impossible to beat. Alone In Blue is an album full of honest, genuine songs which really needs to be heard by a mass audience."

************************REVIEW ************************

21 July 2005 The Real Music Club Willington
What a cracking concert.
Anyone that knows me knows that I am such a fan of this singer, songwriter, guitarist, performer, horse whisperer, legend. Go visit his website - find when he's on and travel to see him. Whether playing to 1000's or a handful Guy never gives half measure. He rocks. The audience fall silent, then erupt, then laugh, then cry, but one thing's for sure no one leaves until they are forced out. Guy Maile has such a power in his voice that he hits your spirit, throws it into the wind and then you float off on the waves of guitar magic to shores unknown. Whatever your taste in music, whoever is your favourite songwriter, your favourite musician, your favourite vocalist, your favourite bluesman, rockstar, folk artist, accoustic performer, soulsinger, whatever - go and see Guy Maile he'll change your mind. He is dynamite and gentleness rolled into one. He'll caress you then tear you apart.
Derbyshire Evening Telegraph

Eurohit Parade - a cooperation project between European radio stations and record companies name Guy's ballad Love In Her Eyes as their no2 record of Summer 2005. http://www.eurohitparade.com/index.php

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